Farmed salmon consumption increases as global harvest rises 

The value of farmed Atlantic salmon continued to increase in the third-quarter of this year thanks to strong demand, according to Marine Harvest.

In its Q3 2018 trading statement, the salmon company stated that the global salmon harvest reached 543,300 metric tons (MT) in the last quarter, an increase of three percent year-on-year, with the supply from Norway increasing by a “below guidance” 4.1 percent to 292,200 MT. Chile’s volumes were up 12.5 percent to 143,100 MT, thanks to improved biology and increases in the number of salmon harvested and the size of those fish.

There were, however, reduced harvests from North America (38,200 MT, down 2.3 percent), Scotland (33,800 MT, down 19.5 percent), the Faroe Islands (13,800 MT, down 12.7 percent), Australia (13,300 MT, down five percent), and Ireland (3,200 MT, down 22 percent). 

The declines in the North American and Scottish harvests were expected, said Marine Harvest.

In local currencies, the average price paid for salmon in Europe in Q3 2018 decreased by 4.7 percent year-on-year to EUR 5.72 (USD 6.55) per kg. The price in Miami increased by 5.4 percent to USD 5.19 (EUR 4.53), but “remained flat” in Seattle (USD 3.23, EUR 2.82) and Boston/New York (USD 3.62, EUR 3.16).

Meanwhile, the worldwide consumption of Atlantic salmon in the last quarter increased by 4.9 percent year-on-year to 545,900 MT.

In the European Union, consumption increased by 1.3 percent to 248,400 MT, while Russia increased its salmon consumption by 29.8 percent to 23,100 MT as it increased its imports of Chilean products.

U.S. consumption increased by 10.8 percent to 106,000 MT, with the growth stimulated by convenient and consumer friendly pre-packed products. 

Marine Harvest highlighted that improved logistics and distribution capabilities mean that fresh salmon is accessible to U.S. consumers in areas that previously did not offer fresh salmon and seafood. 

Consumption in the Asian market decreased by 2.6 percent to 66,600 MT, due to limited availability of large-size fish in the quarter.

Källa: Seafood Source 2 nov 2018

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