Iceland’s whitefish, pelagic catches climb 

The Icelandic fleet caught 1.25 million metric tons (MT) of seafood in the 12 months through September 2018, a rise of 11 percent compared with the previous 12 months.

This growth was led by the country’s demersal and pelagic catches, which increased by 16 percent to 480,867 MT and seven percent to 733,240 MT, respectively.

According to the latest preliminary figures issued by Statistics Iceland, cod accounted for 278,415 MT (+12 percent), haddock was 44,155 MT (+25 percent), saithe was 61,182 MT (+37 percent) and redfish was 62,290 MT (+10 percent). Other demersal landings amounted to 34,824 MT (+11 percent).

The increased pelagic catch for the aforementioned 12-month period was driven by a 43 percent increase in blue whiting at 297,386 MT. Landings of herring fell by one percent to 112,295 MT, while mackerel declined by 18 percent to 137,226 MT.
Meanwhile, the flatfish catch reached 26,716 MT (+23 percent), and shellfish totaled 12,547 MT (+30 percent).

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