ASC launches 'improver' program

A Vietnamese fish farmer. Photo: WWF A Vietnamese fish farmer. Photo: WWF
The initiaitive aims to bridge the gap for small producers not ready for full ASC certification.

The Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) launched a new program to facilitate accessibility of the standard by helping producers that are not yet ready for certification to improve their practices and mitigate their environmental and social impacts.

The ASC Improver Programme (AIP) will also provide support to help more farmers update their practices even if they decide not to attain ASC certification.

“Until now there has not been guidance for producers on how to improve their practices so they can meet the requirements in the ASC standards, but the Improver Programme will help to bridge that gap,” said Roy van Daatselaar, producer support manager at ASC.

“The aquaculture industry includes a significant amount of small-scale farms, particularly in Asia, and providing guidance to these producers on how to improve practices will play an important role in the ASC’s mission to raise the overall standards of aquaculture worldwide.”

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