IntraFish Seafood Investor Forum: The future of salmon farming

Ledande personer från hela världens sjömatsindustri möttes i London i torsdags. Här hittar du rubrikerna för mötespunkterna. Se originalartikel (read more...) för att läsa hela referatet från mötet.

Sea lice - the mother of all diseases
Sea lice, “as the mother of all diseases," should be the main regulator for the growth of the salmon industry moving forward, according to Ole-Eirik Leroy, chairman of Marine Harvest.

Introducing the salmon playbook to bass and bream
After entering the bass and bream sector by snapping up Selonda and Nireus earlier this year, Thor Thalseth, CEO of Amerra Capital, believes the industry can learn a lot from salmon.
It is about “introducing the salmon playbook” to other sectors and species, said Thalseth.
Technology to the rescue
Advancements in the aquaculture field, especially land-based and offshore farming, are cutting-edge technologies expected to mitigate problems such as salmon escapes and disease outbreaks.
Here are the largest recorded farmed Atlantic salmon escapes in history

Consolidation is the right thing to happen
Chile is the “living example of how cyclical the salmon industry is,” said Moises Saravia, CFO of Chilean salmon company Australis.
But the latest developments have set the industry off for an era of growth through more mergers and acquisitions.

Investments needed in downstream, processing
Jon Hindar, CEO of Havline and former CEO of Cermaq, believes investment is needed in the salmon processing sector.
“There should be more moves into the downstream industry,” he told the investor roundtable.

Irony: biological success might be the worst thing for salmon farmers
Former Cermaq CEO Jon Hindar, now internal advisor with Summa Equity, warned investors at the event to look for potential changes in the supply side of the business, which could come from success in beating biological challenges.

Good is not great
The industry fundamentals of the salmon sector look good for the future, with stable supply and robust demand, but “when the market expects great, good is not enough,” according to Alexander Aukner, analyst at DNB Markets.

Leroy: A story of becoming global seafood player
Oslo-listed Leroy Seafood’s goal to become a global seafood supplier is becoming increasingly likely. 
How? A strong demand forecast for fish, some very promising emerging markets and the adaptation of new formats that add value to the processed raw material and encourage consumers to eat more seafood.

A new era of sea lice treatments?
“Everyone in the audience is aware of how big a problem sea lice is in the salmon industry,” said Benchmark CEO Malcolm Pye.
As a bio-technology company tackling issues in the aquaculture industry, Benchmark has a key role to play in bringing solutions to the aquaculture sector, while at the same time driving profitability.

Bakkafrost profit jumps sixfold in 7 years
Faroese salmon farmer Bakkafrost – which claims to have the longest value chain in the industry – saw its operational EBIT increase nearly six times between 2010 and 2017 from DKK 247 million (€33.1 million/$38.7 million) to DKK 1.4 billion (€187.7 million/$219.3 million).

Starting to look around the corner
Grieg Seafood is targeting production volumes of 100,000 metric tons by 2020 with costs at or below industry average at around NOK 37.90 (€4/$4.60) per kilo.

NRS top exec: Be open, tell your story
Social acceptance is a crucial factor for success in the salmon farming industry -- and at the same time perhaps the weakest point for most producers.

Farmers: Take a leaf out of the feed sector’s book
The salmon farming sector can learn a lot from the feed industry when it comes to expanding and encouraging disruptive behavior, according to Steven Rafferty, aquaculture director of Global Maritime and former managing director of Skretting.

The big tech change is coming
It became clear long ago that all global industries and companies will be affected to some degree by the technological and digital revolution.
NRS targets 70,000 tons with new farming projects

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket
Atlantic Sapphire’s Bluehouse salmon farming project in Miami has drawn much attention over the past years from investors and stakeholders.

How long can we squeeze the lemon?
The current state of the salmon industry is very healthy, with prices and profits at all-time highs -- but for how long can this situation last?

Global seafood execs, investors descend on London
Some of the world's most powerful seafood executives are coming together with investors from around the globe in the heart of London's financial district for a full day of presentations, panel debates and unrivaled networking at the IntraFish Seafood Investor Forum.

by Dominic Welling and Lola Navarro
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