EUMOFA Report May 2018

In May 2018, first−sales value and volume increased in
Denmark, Estonia, Norway and Sweden over May 2017. NoI.n4th,e2s0a1m4e period, they dropped in Belgium, Latvia,
Lithuania, Poland, and the UK.

Over the past three years, average prices of European perch were the highest in Denmark (2,50 EUR/kg), followed by Estonia (2,28 EUR/kg) and Poland (1,94 EUR/kg). Average price of pike-perch in Denmark (8,33 EUR/kg) was 106% higher than that in Estonia (4,05 EUR/kg), and 99% higher than in Poland (4,18 EUR/kg).

In Croatia in 2017, the marine aquaculture production increased by 5% over 2016, while freshwater aquaculture experienced a decrease of 19%.

May 2018
Increases in value and volume: First sales grew in Denmark, Estonia, Norway, and Sweden over a year earlier. The increase in volume terms was particularly high for Sweden, due to herring, the most important species landed, which recorded a rise by 30% in value and by 43% in volume. First-sales value in Denmark increased for common sole and Northern shrimp, whereas volume grew for blue mussel and European flounder.

Decreases in value and volume: Drops were registered in Belgium, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and the UK. The decreases were particularly high in Belgium, due largely to lower supplies of flatfish species. Poland experienced a strong decrease in first sales mainly because of lower catches of groundfish and small pelagics.
In Sweden,
first sales grew strongly in both value (+36%) and volume (+97%) during January–May 2018. The positive trends were due to herring, which recorded increases of catch by 156%. Other species like Norway lobster and sprat contributed to a lesser extent. In May 2018, higher first-sales value of Northern shrimp and herring contributed to the continuation of the overall increases. Average prices of all the top species decreased by 17%. Of those species herring’s average price decreased by 10%
(0,28 EUR/kg).

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